• Work with visionary community leaders already in place to help them create self-sustaining, locally led Music Schools.

  • Provide Training & Mentorship

    Facilitate personal discipleship and provide Biblical teaching on the role of the musician in God’s purposes, while providing instruction in the areas of musicianship, songwriting, & worship leading.

  • Provide Scholarships

    Students  who are progressing well and have an evident calling will be given scholarships for one year so they can focus solely on their calling and craft.

  • Provide Instruments

    Make instruments available to musicians by supplying the school first and then supplying recognized and committed musicians.

  • Provide Small Business Training

  • Provide classes for students and strategize with schools to establish businesses that will self fund their school and the students music calling.

  • Help Schools Reproduce Themselves by Starting Other Regional Schools

    Established schools will become starters of new schools and will repeat the process that they experienced in new locations