My passion  is to grow worship globally. That means everywhere in the U.S. and in other countries.  Myself and World Music Mission are working in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa training Worship Leaders, Musicians, Songwriters and Engineers in skills they are requesting help for.

Overseas we will travel to an Indigenous leader or missions agency or church planter to assist their teams and cultures in growing worship in their area.

In the U.S we will work with multiple churches in one area through worship training events and leading worship and sharing in churches. Mostly medium to small sizes churches who are looking for help engaging their musicians and raising up the next generation of leaders.


Writing and performing songs for me is a calling, gifting and priority. Playing anywhere for me is a priority. I do not charge for playing but only take what is provided by those who hear and through gifts for the CD’s and Digital downloads I offer.  Playing for everybody is a priority. Whether the audience has faith or not means no difference. I bring a message of hope that is relevant to anyone. God’s love and hope is to be shared with all people.