Brazil Recording and Engineering Exchange

I will be traveling to Campina Grande to work with the excellent musicians of ACAO Evangelica to record 3 songs I was inspired to write during my trip to Brazil in October 2014.  ACAO is building wells, schools and teaching farming skills in the the northern interior of Brazil. I cried many times as I visited the work they are doing and talked to the families they are literally rescusing!

The musicians have agreed to donate the recording monies I raise to the further building of the school for at risk children in Campina Grande. This school is pulling children out of a life of misery and into the light and the protection of the grace of Jesus Christ.  For details here is their website.  To donate to the project. click on the donate page and just note that it is for the Brazil project.  We need to raise $8,000.00 to enhance the outdoor sports area for the kids. Your donation will make many lives better for ever. You will also get some great music from the recording as our thank you!

Here is a link to their site.


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