Cameroon Africa School of Worship Arts

DREAM WITH FESTI GOSPEL JAM AND KURT COBLE FROM WORLD MUSIC MISSION. We want to build a Worship Arts school to impact 9 French speaking countries. We believe that where there is good music and art, people show up…. and those people hear the gospel.

Festi Gospel Jam is a ministry started by Serge Patterson in 2008-2009.

Their goal is to build a Worship Arts school that reaches and teaches students from 9 French speaking countries. We recently traveled to Cameroon to teach 250 students on Worship and Sound Engineering. Kurt Coble and World Music Mission team members desire to continue to travel to Cameroon for many years to come to teach and to see the school be built through fund raising.  Here is a video of us rehearsing with Festi Gospel jam in Cameroon.

Your support of this project will be huge for Cameroon and the other French speaking countries. Click here to support or contact Kurt Coble at

Dream with us to accomplish this task!